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We have embarked on a bright future in a world full of opportunities and creativity


Ibtkr go has developed an initiative aimed at guiding mental abilities and youth potential through workshops and innovation and entrepreneurial events that enable them to establish their own profitable and community-based projects and guide them towards the business incubator

Objectives of the Initiative

Innovation for a better world

Innovations have contributed to the development of many fields in the various scientific, practical and life sectors. We teach young people how to transform ideas into real products through training workshops using open-source Urdu and to teach them how to make real products and connect them to the Internet.

Supporting and supporting entrepreneurship

Business Incubator is a program designed to support, develop and succeed start-ups by providing them with a range of support resources and services designed and managed by the incubator management. We work with business incubators to transform young people's ideas into real products and enable them to own their own companies to become entrepreneurs.

Alternative energy and recycling

Recycling helps to reduce the amount of materials that need to be produced from raw materials. We recycle old products to convert them into new products. Recycling features require less energy than the old raw material industry, On the environment

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